Monday, September 3, 2007

Top Ten Tips For Successful Mating of Your Dog

Top Ten Tips For Successful Mating of Your Dog

Breeding is a noble calling and unless you can improve the breed you should not go for breeding your dog. Despite all of the obvious virtues of breeding articles, no book or article emphasize any person to prepare for breeding. A good intentional pet owner wasn’t aware of any genetic complications, unable to identify the signals of struggling bitch or didn’t recognize a breech birth! Possibly the dam could be lost as well!

Follow these top ten tips to get successful puppies out of your dam and also it can be delightful to see how magnificently most females cope with whelping and with caring for their puppies.

1. Ask your vet to examine the bitch before mating and obtain certificate that it is healthy and not carrying any inherited diseases

2. Plan well to house the ensuing litter of puppies.

3. Check for the purity of the dog by kennel club certificate. (Cross bred won't fetch good standards)

4. Contact a reputable breeder and make use of his dog as a stud for your bitch to get good quality puppies.

5. Ask for health certificate for the stud dog and also examine whether it has been subjected for brucellosis and other sexually transmitted disease, if that area is prone for brucellosis.

6. Be careful with your bitch-exercise your bitch only on lead when she is in season.

7. It is always preferable to perform mating in the stud dogs place rather than vice-versa.

8. Mating should be done on 9th day, 11th day and 13th day for fruitful results.

9. If possible try to calm the bitch during mating and ensure a "tie" long lasts for at least 10 minutes.

10. Make a visit to vet's clinic after three weeks of mating to confirm the pregnancy.

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