Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Alano Espanol

Alano Español or Spanish Bulldog this Spanish breed of dog that derives its name from the Alans. Recently received recognition from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and the RSCE. Recognition with the FCI is rumoured to be in planning.

The Alano Español has an untrained appearance that fits him especially for running long distances at high speeds and herding cattle. This dog has a well proportioned body structure, the rib cage is arched, but not cylindrical, the chest stretches to the elbow level. It also has strong and solid shoulders and withers. The back legs are weaker than the front legs, and are straight if you view them from the front or the side. The paws are big compared to the size and weight of the dog. The muscles in the hindquarters are toned and the back legs show very well defined angles with strong feet at the base.

The tail is thickest at the base and gets thinner, eventually to a point. The stomach retracts inward in order to give him a more athletic appearance than other heavier breeds. The neck is strong, powerful and wide, showing two double chins that should never hang to low. The Alano has extremely powerful jaws. The teeth are wide, and spaced out from each other with a very strong and firm scissors bite. When running at full speed, they are fast and flexible, fully stretching in and out their whole body in each step. They can clear almost any obstacle without looking tired at all. Coat colors include yellow and wolf gray, fawns and reds.

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