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The Azawakh breed is built for speed and its bony looks attest to it.
It is bred to adapt to the rugged climate of the Sahara and the

The Azawakh's Behavior
Source: Wikipedia

Recommended for: pet, working dog

The Azawakh dog breed is known as an attentive breed . It was
developed to both guard and hunt. Azawakhs' responses to strangers can
vary from being reserved to openly hostile. However Azawakh dogs tend
to be affectionate and gentle to those they accept. Azawakhs therefore
make good family pets.

Remember that breed only provides a general clue as to any individual
dog's actual behavior. Make sure to get to know dogs well before
bringing them into your home.

The Azawakh's Physical Characteristics
Here are some of the characteristics of the Azawakh breed as
determined by the Azawakh Club of America's link to the Federation
Cynologique Internationale's published breed standard.

Size: males 25 1/2 - 29 inches, females 23 3/4 - 27 1/2 inches
Color: light sable to dark fawn, white stockings
Eyes: large, almond-shaped, dark, amber
Ears: set high, fine, drooping, triangle shape with rounded tip
Muzzle: half of head's length
Nose: open nostrils, black, brown
Tail: set low, long, thin, lean, tapered, white brush on tip
The Azawakh's Origins and History
Source: Wikipedia

Country/Region of Origin: Mali

Original purpose: guarding, hunting

Name: also known as Tuareg Sloughi

Historical notes: Azawakh dogs were bred by the Tuareg nomads of the
Sahara to guard property and hunt animals such as gazelles and hares.
They can reach a speed of 40 miles per hour.

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